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Shock Therapy 2.0 is out and about, Universal’s new formula get’s broken down

Just hitting the news last week, Universal’s Shock Therapy 2.0 has finally hit the shelves. All three flavors are available in a 200g 10 serving and a 800g 42 serving tub. Here are the changes between the two (new formula on the right),

Calories – 44, 24

Carbs – 11g, 6g

Vitamin B12 – 100mcg, 10mcg

Complexes (contents) – 28, 34

A few of the contents that Universal removed were vinpocetine, creaitne gluconate and creatine akg. Shock therapy’s original proprietary blend made up 19g of the 21g scoop now the blend makes up 16.97g of 20g. There has not been much of a change but it should be noticeable if you are a regular user of Shock Therapy.

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