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Amino acid supplement to change the game? SEI’s white series has another secret supplement

The new white series by SEI brought a large number of supplements to the scene. For the post-workout category they release ReFUEL-RSQ. Like most of the products from the brand it has all the common ingredients with a creative twist. It may have a weak BCAA ratio of 2:1:1, but it is the less known contents that make ReFUEL worth knowing about. First off SEI have put in phosphatidylserine to increase recovery time, pentanoic acid (aka valeric acid) to boost relaxation and the more surprising ingredient. Cissus quadrangularis, most commonly used in joint support products. The 5.0 proprietary blend’s highs out weigh it’s low, this highly researched supplement is worth adding to your stack and the best part is that the 65 serving tub is competitively priced. Unlike all the others in the amino acid race ReFUEL has changed the game, thanks to SEI for bringing creativity to the market yet again.

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