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New Lean Team series supplement Vidalean, SEI Nutrition back for 2013 with purple softgels

SEI Nutrition's Lean Team supplement Vidalean

SEI Nutrition have been away from the game for some time. They first hit the scene with their fat burner Methylhex, which lost a lot of it’s momentum when the DMAA drama set in. Despite the weakening of their star performer, the brand did have a lot of other formulas in their line up. In particular the three weight loss supplements, Dreamlean, Ultralean, and Excellean. The fat burning trio made up the Lean Team, which carried a very different label design and overall package. The reason those special three are being introduced again, is because SEI are looking to add to the dream team with another weight loss formula titled Vidalean. The product keeps the series consistent with it’s softgel form, and sets itself apart from the others by burning fat with omega 3, 6, 9, and CLAs. There has been no release set for the supplement, however when the bright purple bottle hits shelves you will not be able to miss it.

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