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MethylHex 4,2 not up to the challenge, SEI’s OxyElite looking fat burner gets reviewed

The supplement that put SEI on our radar was their flagship fat burner MethylHex 4,2. It was claimed as a game changer as well as a relatively strong weight loss product. It took a while to get a hold of the formula but eventually we secured ourselves a bottle to see how well it stacks up against others in the highly competitive category. It was definitely expected to perform however it hasn’t come out as well as we had hoped.

SEI used quite a range of ingredients in the fat burner’s main proprietary blend. It featured a number of well known names like caffeine, yohimbe and DMAE. As well as some rarities like hordenine, kola nut and while willow. Despite having the appearance of a full formula there is one aspect of MethylHex that is easily looked over and quite obviously the main reason it doesn’t perform.

The purple product’s main complex fits in 16 ingredients. However it only weighs in at 206mg per capsule, which totals up the supplement’s dose to 412mg with the directed two a day. Unfortunately even on the maximum amount, the weight loss product’s effects go completely unnoticed. No massive energy boost, no mood enhancement, just the feeling of the pills sliding down your throat. You may get a hint of a pickup when taking two at a once, but on the single, there’s absolutely nothing. Compared to the more popular fat burners like Detonate and Synedrex, MethylHex doesn’t even get in the door.

Getting back to it’s sad 206mg blend weight, to show just how weak that really is. A single capsule of Hydroxycut Elite contains 135mg of caffeine and 28mg of yohimbe, totaling 163mg. Only 46 short of an entire MethylHex serving. To take it a little bit further, SEI recommend using two capsules per day, forcing the supplement to last 30 days. Muscletech recommend a maximum of four per day with Hydroxycut Elite. Which moves that total of caffeine and yohimbe per capsule at 163mg, all the way up to 652mg. Equaling more than three servings of MethylHex’s entire formula, with just two features from the 6 element Muscletech product. Even without label transparency it’s not hard to see that SEI seriously under dosed their supplement.

MethylHex 4,2 has a great mix of ingredients but after running it for a sufficient amount of time there wasn’t any more fat burnt than what you’d expect from a proper diet. Even though the weight loss product borrows the classic OxyElite look it has no relation to it’s power or results. In one of the most competitive categories of the market, there is no room for mistakes or opportunities to sell sub par formulas. SEI did manage to sneak in with what appeared to be a winner but upon closer look, and with a full length trial, it is quite the opposite.

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