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Cytosport have a Reviewed & Approved supplement, Monster Amino is something you can rely on

Of all the amino supplements in all the world Cytosport’s has to be one of the best. This is just one of the four products in the Cytosport Monster Series with number five, Ultracore, on it’s way. Monster Amino has hit a market where every brand that can, has made a supplement for. Other competitors are Amino X, the legendary Xtend and the more shit one of the group BPI’s Blox.

Cytosport took the quality route for Monster Amino. To make a 8:1:1 ratio bcaa supplement competitive in price is almost impossible. For $25 you can score yourself 30 servings and choose between fruit punch, blue raspberry and green apple. Even though other amino products have a higher bcaa complex amount then this one (9g), the leucine heavy formula has really paid off.

You can drink this down without fear of a terrible after taste. The scoop is even small enough, if you dare, to take it Cutler style (no shaker). The aim of this type of supplement is to bring you back up after an intense session, immediate post-workout recovery. Few actually come through with this effect, some do absolutely nothing. Monster Amino takes about 15-30 minutes before it starts to kick in. You will almost forget that you even trained, the product’s ‘pick-me-up’ is so strong you can use this as a pre-workout.

Whether it is the favored leucine balance or the big amino acid profile, Monster Amino works. Training twice in a day and not sure if you will be recovered for the afternoon session? There is now something that you can trust, there have been others in the past but none as quick to come into effect or as strong to bring you back from a crash. Cytosport have delivered. Reviewed and approved.

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