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Muscle Milk reveals its upcoming plant-based protein shake with up to 30g of protein

Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shake

When it comes to protein RTDs, there are a few competitors out there that are somewhat synonymous with the category, one of those being the incredibly and impressively long-running Muscle Milk. While the brand does have sports nutrition supplements on the market, like Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder and Muscle Milk Zero Protein Powder, its beverages are key players with a nice variety to choose from, and another is on the way.

Muscle Milk has announced that alongside the RTDs, Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Shake, Pro Protein Shake, and the no-sugar Zero Protein Shake will soon be the Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shake. The product is going to have 25g of plant-powered protein in its 11 fl oz carton and a higher 30g in a 14 fl oz bottled variant. That’ll be alongside a low level of sugar between 3 to 4g and reasonably lean calories ranging from 170 to 180.

The Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shake is going to fit right at home in the Muscle Milk family and fill a hole the brand has had for as long as plant protein has become more popular, as all of its protein RTDs are dairy-based. The plant-powered protein shake will be launching near the end of this year, sometime in December, and continue to roll out to retailers into 2024 with two flavors to choose from in Chocolate and sweet Caramel Vanilla.