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Because it is flashier than yours, Scitec make yet another Flash Aminos

Scitec already have 10 plus amino acid supplements, which apparently is not enough. Their new Flash Amino product is something that you may spend an extra few bucks on but compared to your average amino supp, you would not notice a microgram of difference. Each serving is made up of 10 capsules and contains just over 4g (18 different) of amino acids. When it comes to unnecessary inventions Scitec are on top of their game. This does come in a flashy gold bottle and says it is fast acting so it could catch a few uneducated customers. Here, in their words, is what makes Flash Aminos different from all the others.

Flash Aminos is a unique peptide amino acid formula that’s made up of mostly di- and tri-peptides under 500 Daltons molecular weight. Despite the popular belief that single isolated (“free”) amino acids are the fastest absorbing and most useful nutrients to support muscles, the scientific truth is somewhat counter-intuitive: small chains of amino acids – peptides – are the fastest absorbing “proteins”, amino acids, because there are specific transporters for them in the digestive system! Therefore these peptides are absorbed much faster than any intact protein or even single amino acids. The almost instant, “flash” delivery of these nutrients to muscles ignites the rebuilding phase after training, resulting in very fast recovery and increased growth. Taken before and during exercises  Flash Aminos  effectively increases the time to fatigue and helps to increase physical performance.  Flash Aminos  also helps to reload glycogen stores after exercise.

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