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Cytosport on an equal playing field with their 16oz tub, Optimum, Gaspari and yeah almost forgot Dymatize

Only a few days ago it turned out Cytosport had a presence in the 10lb protein market. Gaspari and Optimum still held the small 1-1.6lb option over them. After taking a deeper look you can now find Muscle Milk in a 16oz (1lb) tub as another exclusive through GNC. As per usual the flavor range is not the same as

the 3lb and 5lb but then again neither are the people who buy the low serving options. One company that was left out of the protein powder variety list was Dymatize who a few months ago made an effort to get 1.6lb sizes released for Elite Fusion 7, Elite Gourmet, Elite Whey and Iso-100.

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