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SEI do the smart thing and remove the DMAA, the new MethylHex 4,2 is ready to go

SEI’s big weight loss supplement MethylHex 4,2 is not about to leave the market. The game changer has had it’s DMAA removed and is ready to help burn some fat. The loss of energy is probably one of the main things you can expect to miss from the new formula. A lot of geranium fuelled weight loss products have done the same thing, removed the banned ingredient. The two that still have an issue are OxyElite Pro and Hydroxystim. Muscletch have taken their concentrated burner off the shelves completely. A simple removal of the banned stimulant will not do for either of these two because without it there is nothing much left in them. True champions like MethylHex have a lot more going for them than just DMAA.

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