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This is why Monster Pump is No. 1, the pre-workout that is better than a personal trainer

Last week Monster Pump managed to score the number 1 position on the top 10 pre-workout list. The under rated supplement got put through it’s paces a month or so ago and the review has been a long time coming. The product is surprisingly powerful, it does offer the NSF certification like Assault, it does not contain DMAA like C4 Extreme and best of all it is as well priced as Neurocore. Find out why this should be your top pre-workout as well.

Like all Cytosport Monster series supplements, Pump has full label transparency. The exact amount of each ingredient is listed on the back. This is something only a few other brands have done and more are doing now (Muscletech). Looking at the facts you may not think much of it, creatine, caffeine, citrulline, arginine, taurine, there is nothing new. It is the amount of each one that makes this the killer, compared to everybody else the 20g serving size is a giant especially when the matrix contains just 12 names.

As far as taste goes this is pretty good. Like most of the unconcentrated pre-workouts it delivers something you can look forward to. Jack3d, Hemo Rage, Neurocore, they all helped fuel the fact that concentrates all taste like shit. The range may not be big but Cytosport have created 4 variants, there is at least one for everybody – sour grape, fruit punch, sour apple and blue raspberry.

The big question is what does this do to you during your workout. It kills you that is what. There is no supplement out there that pumps up the mind and drive like this. After each set it generally takes 2 minutes or so to get ready for the next round. Pump shortens that to about 30 seconds, mentally you are ready to knock out double what you just did. Even though your muscles die the minute you pick up the weight you can do just as many reps as you would have if you waited that 2 or 3 minutes.

For the unlucky few who do not have a trainer or partner with them in the gym Monster Pump can fill that empty spot, it even puts some professionals to shame. This product does not stop at higher energy levels like most concentrates, this amplifies your focus, your drive and pushes you to limits you thought were unreachable. You will pay the price for the shorter rests periods nearing the end of your workout, it is an exhaustion like no other. It is not a bad feeling, it is almost indescribable. It is a sort of satisfaction, because you know you just trained harder than anybody else in the world.

Monster Pump is an experience, it is hard to believe what someone writes more so when words like limits and unreachable are used. If there was ever a pre-workout to try it would have to be this. With the ban of DMAA almost here fans have no need to worry with this on the market. If you have yet to find that special supplement to replace Jack3d pick up a sample of this, you can even get 10 serving tubs to give it three or four goes.

The price on this is very low. Most stores retail it for around $30 USD, for 30 servings that is a better deal than any other unconcentrated product from this category. The most you can take at once is 3 servings so if you are a heavy user that is about 10 workouts. Understand that 3 scoops is the maximum, 2 or even 1 and a half of this is more than enough. If you are lucky enough to be reading this recently and can not wait to get your hands on Monster Pump. There is a special on at right now for 20% off, just use ‘20PERMPUMP‘ as a coupon at the checkout. This was ranked number 1 on the top for a reason, it is a must and more than highly recommended.

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