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Get swole with Nutrabolic’s, Swollen powder coming soon

It looks like Nutrabolics are at it again. The jet black brand have put together what looks to be another powerful supplement for a very popular crowd. Swollen is a 60 servings pump powder, the only flavor that is known so far is watermelon. The ingredients have yet to be released

but a few things have been highlighted. Each serving contains 2g of AE2 an arginine matrix, 1g of l-citrulline, 50mg of Astragin (half of what 6 Swollen tablets has) and it is carb & maltodextrin free. The surprising name that is going to feature on the label is geranium maculatum. This is not the DMAA that we have all come to know, love, and wave goodbye to. This is the safer and legal version. The effects may not be as powerful as it’s FDA hated relative but if fans can even get a taste of what was, Swollen will take pump supplements to new heights.

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