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Top Secret’s yin and yang fat burning stack, XAT-7 looks good even by itself

Top Secret was the big brand behind Cardio Igniter, the must have supplement for the casual thermogenic user. XAT-7 is a new product that proves the company can also make a diet driven fat burner. Like igniter it contains quality ingredients. Mostly natural extracts like green tea, yohimbe and the more recently used ursolic acid. Think of this as the ‘outside of the gym’ weight loss supplement. Where Igniter takes care of thermogenesis and sweating, XAT is intended to cover diet and appetite control. Most products that try to act as a duo end up selling you short on contents. This is not the case with either of the Top Secret supplements. Even though XAT and Igniter will work strongly together, XAT is good enough to be taken by itself. The brand is 1 for 1 in this category and it looks like that will go up to 2 for 2 after a review.

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