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CellMass AVPT vs. 2.0, BSN modernize their creatine

CellMass 2.0 has arrived and the formula looks great. BSN mentioned this supplement a few months ago. It lost it’s excitement soon after as no further information surfaced. This might be one of the only real post-workout creatines left on the market, most are either individual powders or combined with revitalizing complexes. Since the product is available now so is the ingredients list. Here is a comparison of the current AVPT against the imporved 2.0.

The tub contains 50 servings just like the previous formula, the bigger news is that the scoop weighs in at 9.7g as opposed to 16g. AVPT’s creatine matrix did contain 4 different forms with a total weight of 4.25g, 2.0 has almost sliced that in half and upgraded to 3 high quality forms. The Myogenic matrix is 2.5g per scoop and contains Con-Cret, mono and creatine anhydrous. Even though the blend is better the fact that it takes two scoops to get 5g of creatine, is a real downer. Con-Cret can be micro dosed but the directions do not support that, you will need to use this twice a day, there is no once option.

A 3g glutamine hit is promoted as a highlight however that is spread across 2 scoops, the AVPT creatine rocks 2g and that is in a single scoop. One of the coolest features in CellMass 2.0 is the massive 5g of amino acids. This has introduced a protein count of 2g per serving, something that was not seen in the previous formula. BSN have also maintained the zero sugar rule and dropped the total carb count down from 7g to 1g. This along with the protein has kept taken the calorie count down to 10.

Based on the ingredients you could probably take both the CellMass servings post-workout not necessarily separate. You may even be able to leave this supplement out on your non-training days. BSN have not really stepped it up so much, they have more in a way modernized their creatine powerhouse. It has taken a minor bump in cost which is a lot better than the massive hit Muscletech fans took with Cell-Tech Performance Series.

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