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Monster 100 vitamin review, Scitec at the top for price and quality

Monster 100 checked out with the ingredients, some of the doses may have been too high. It was short on amino acids but dynamite in every area a vitamin can be. It’s extra complexes and blends may not have been super strong but they were good to have for the no extra cost. Very few multis are worth running a review on, different diets create different effects however it is good to see how they perform relating to an average situation.

Scitec’s giant 12 pill pack does have some destructively high vitamin doses. The general test is how much of that comes out in your urine. Radioactive yellow or clear as day. Animal Pak goes clear for once a day trainers, Armor-V is all go for two a days with 6 capsules. Both recommend doubling the servings for elites however that is probably referring to an Olympic 3 a day athlete.

Monster 100’s color is reasonably concentrated, although after a few days it dies down and returns to clear. The extra complexes such as the test, do not provide any noticeable feelings. Like most vitamins the effects are feel good. Muscle recovery is a about normal, believe it or not hunger is not a problem and waking up is slightly easier.

Most vitamins are just for health, it is always good to know you are getting in the right amounts if not more to boost results and behind the scenes growth. Scitec’s beast is a lot stronger than anything else on the market, but it’s results prove to be on the outside, level with something like Animal Pak. Tests on the inside of the body would probably shed a little more light however that would take actual funding. In short, for the price of Monster 100, when it does hit the US, there will be no harm in splashing out a little more for the top end multi.

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