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Nitrix 2.0 has a long road ahead, BSN breaking back into the pump category

BSN hit the market with N.O. Xplode a very long time ago. After that CellMass 2.0 was more than anticipated. Even though it took an extremely long time it finally landed last week. So what is next for one of the industry’s biggest brands? Nitrix 2.0. The pump category has heated up over the past year. Yok3d, Vasotropin and Hybrid N.O., are all supplements that have pushed the limits of pump products. BSN is going to have a hard time breaking into the niche market again. The competition is a lot heavier than when they last released a Nitrix formula. Thanks to Evotest, Syntha Isolate and CellMass 2.0 they will have some momentum going into the launch. This gives BSN a chance to showcase what will hopefully be a very effective supplement.

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