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Syntha-6 Isolate already launched, BSN keep their carbs and offer a reasonable price

BSN are not taking any time with their supplement releases. CellMass 2.0 hit a few days ago and now Syntha-6 Isolate has shown up. The protein powder comes in 2 sizes, 2 and 4lb, with three flavors on the menu, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Instead of containing a name relative amount, BSN have included just 2 protein forms, whey and milk protein isolate. At first look the isolate may seem like a good deal, 4lbs for $54. It’s biggest competitor, Dymatize’s ISO-100, even though it is a 3lb, is a better buy. It might be a whole pound lighter but it also has 48 servings and more than $5 cheaper. The extra weight in Syntha comes from it’s 7g of carbs and 1.5g of fat. Brand fans are going to eat this protein up however BSN may have trouble attracting outsiders with that price and calorie counters with those extra grams.

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