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Pre-workout duo of Stacked-N.O. & Myo-Blitz, Ronnie’s Signature Series ready to release their pump supplement

Ronnie Coleman has been doing a lot more promotion for his brand than releasing. The 8 time Mr. Olympia has been all over the world getting his supplements into places not many brands have a presence. This has resulted in a massive international audience. His Facebook fan count currently stands at 230k and every one of them will be happy to know that he has finally added another product to his complex but slim supplement line.

Stacked-N.O. is a pump formula looking to hit the company’s range very soon. With beta testers in the bank the promotions are filled with only positive (obviously) reviews. One of the things that will easily pull in the sales for Stacked-N.O., is it’s stackability. No doubt the pump supplement will be open for use with the brand’s pre-workout Myo-Blitz. Regardless of what the label ends up saying, Ronnie’s loyal followers will have no problem dropping the cash and taking the opportunity to feel twice as energized for a workout.