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Techlete and Ronnie Coleman have also made a limited pair of shoes called the Gym GOATS

Techlete Ronnie Coleman Gym Goats

The Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots, produced by Techlete, have become available for pre-order and there is an interesting catch if you head over to the straightforwardly named website, get in early, and secure yourself a pair of the shoes. A couple of days ago was when the pre-order went live, and we posted about the many different colorways you have to choose from and the price of the workout footwear, which was said to be $199 unless you signed up beforehand for a 20% discount code.

It turns out the regular price for the Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots is $199, but if you take advantage of the pre-order, regardless of whether you registered pre-release, you can get the shoes at $159 for any of the eight colorways. There is also an autographed option, where you get a pair in any of the variants signed by Ronnie Coleman himself at $199. Then, if you want to go all the way, you can get the Ultimate Package, with a pair of each colorway, one autographed, and a private group workout with Coleman.

Techlete Ronnie Coleman Autographed

One more thing that has surfaced with the pre-order launch of Ronnie Coleman and Techlete’s Signature Boots are the Ronnie Coleman Gym GOATS. This is an extremely limited edition pair of shoes that has a very different look compared to the regular Signature Boots. The goal and design of this product is to be a cross between tactical boots, similar in sense to the style of the regular workout boots, and basketball sneakers, which is about on par with how they look.

As mentioned, Ronnie Coleman and Techlete’s Gym GOATS are a limited item, with only 500 of them being produced, and the price is twice that of the regular Signature Boots at $399 a piece in a lone black colorway. You can head over to to purchase any of the items and packages, and the pre-order wait isn’t all that long, as production of everything is expected to begin next month, so within the next week or so, then shipping takes place few months later, sometime in August.