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Crunch is the way to go, Cytosport add to their protein bar range

Cytosport have added another protein bar to their on-the-go range of supplements. Up until now they had 3 bar variants, regular, light and collegiate. The new protein snack is titled Muscle Milk Crunch Bar and just like the regular version it comes in chocolate peanut butter and vanilla almond yogurt. Compared to the normal Muscle Milk bar, the Crunch variant packs in 5 more grams of protein at 30, along with 30g of carbs compared to 28, and 13g of fat, which is a bit higher than the originals 11. The new Crunch bars do come off looking a little bit more expensive than the regulars. However the price per gram of protein does work out in favor of the Crunch. So unless the new ones don’t taste that well or you have some sort of attachment to the normal Muscle Milk bars, Crunch is the way to go.

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