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Fight Stack still a bit of a rip off, Muscle Pharm hit GNC with the 20 serving box set

Muscle Pharm said that their UFC Fight Stack would eventually make it’s way out to every stockist. As promised the cheaply stacked box set has popped at the retail giant While GNC sells this supplement combination for $100, you’d expect to be listing it at around 70 or $80. Unfortunately Muscle Pharm have delivered the box set to the worldwide retailer with a cost of $90. Even though it is a better price than what is available at GNC it is still not a worthwhile purchase. If you actually calculate the cost per serve of the larger products down to the 20 servings the Fight Stack supplements have, they come to a total of $57.74. So despite the package saying free shaker, tee and wristband, at you’re technically paying $32 for all those extras. The Fight Stack does have it’s downsides but regardless of how you look at it, it’s a beautiful package and will make a great collector’s item, empty or full.

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