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Monster Protein will have trouble competing, Cytosport push for a 4lb 40 serving protein

Cytosport previewed their new Monster Series supplement Monster Protein just over a week ago. Unfortunately now that the formula has been released as well as the price of the protein powder, the product doesn’t appear to be as good as we had hoped. Coming in with 40 servings per tub, Cytosport plan on selling you Monster Protein at roughly $1.12 per 25g of protein. If you were a bit disappointed with the cost of Gaspari’s 49 serving 4lb Myofusion, then this supplement is going to get you even more upset.

The value of Monster Protein gets lost due to it’s overcrowded scoop containing 12g of carbs. Which transforms the 25g of protein in to a ratio of just 55% of the massive 45g scoop. Despite it’s competitive formula and quality brand backing. This Monster Series product doesn’t even come close to it’s rivals in the protein blend market. Let alone measure up to the legacy set by it’s fellow Monster supplements Amino, Multi and Pump.

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