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SAN go the whole way with 100% Casein, Meta Force 5.0 seems so long ago

SAN last hit our front page with their blended protein formula Meta Force 5.0. Only a week or so later they are up once again with yet another protein supplement. While Meta used a number of different forms to create a multi stage muscle building experience. The brand’s latest product, 100% Casein, has focused solely on the slowest types of protein with a complex of micellar alpha & beta caseins, and milk protein concentrate. Each scoop of the new supplement powers on 25g of protein, 5.5g carbs, 4g fat, and finishing off with a total of 158 calories. SAN’s 100% Casein will be hitting stores in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate, with a tub size of 4.4lbs. Not only is the product a little bit bigger than a number of others in it’s category, but it is also relatively cheaper, ranging from $45-50.

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