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Six Pack reavel their 3 new products, Innovator joins the Elite duo of the Voyager and Executive

Six Pack Bags did originally say Friday for pre-orders, however all of their new products are now available for viewing and securing. Along with the well teased Durus replacement, the accessory brand have also launched the previewed backpack, Elite Voyager, and the extremely stylish Elite Executive. The Innovator meal management system does look to be quite similar to the original Durus bag. As for the other two multi function products, they have so many new features and surprises they almost belong in the Fitmark range.

While Six Pack did brighten up the classic Durus inspired bag the Innovator, with 4 color variations and a remodeled look. The Voyager and Executive go way beyond what anyone could have imagined. Both of the products incorporate a number of new features such as a laptop pocket, stationary compartments, training gear section, clothing area, as well as including the signature meal trays. The only real difference between the Voyager and the Executive is that one is a backpack and the other a shoulder bag, and also the $50 retail value.

All of the new products are up on Six Pack’s website however they are only available for pre-order. The Innovator has been set at a price of $69.99 with the larger 5 meal version at $99.99. The other two Elite series items, the Voyager and the Executive are listed at $249.99 and $199.99. The bags are set to arrive in April but if the Elite Executive is the one you are looking at. You will unfortunately need wait another full month as that is set to ship 28 days later in May. You can check out the entire range at Six pack’s products section, and if you feel like placing a pre-order be sure to use the coupon code ‘ELITE2013’ for 15% discount.

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