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True-Mass gets upgraded to 1230 calories, BSN supersize their mass gainer

BSN have been on a launching spree since the start of the year. With unique variants coming out all over the place it’s no surprise that they have a new product ready to go. Their latest creation goes by the name True-Mass 1200, and could be a replacement for the original weight gainer or just an alternate version. The mass protein borrows half of it’s title from it’s formula of 1230 calories. Which is made up of 50g of protein, 16g of fat, and 220g of carbs with only 16g of that sugar. Due to the supplements massive size each bag does only pack 15 servings, however it’s value can not be confirmed due to the fact that it’s price has yet to be released.

True-Mass 1200 is a big step up compared to it’s 710 calorie predecessor. Whether or not BSN plan on keeping the original is uncertain. However if they do, they will be one of the few brands that offer multiple mass proteins with points of difference. It has been a while since fans have been treated to a new supplement which should have them lining up to pre-order True-Mass 1200. With it’s 10lb weight and well balanced 1230 calorie formula. BSN have definitely opened themselves up to a whole new crowd by entering the four figure mass protein market.

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