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VPX Sports relabel for 2013, MHF-1 Shotgun & Synthesize stay on board

When VPX Sports released their pre-workout sequel 12 Gauge Shotgun. It was assumed that the older N.O. Shotgun MHF-1 would be phased out. Not to mention the possibility of it’s post-workout counterpart N.O. Synthesize also being up for execution. Coming in to 2013 it appears that the brand are showing no signs of dropping the older formula, so much so that they have relabeled the supplement with the 12 Gauge and Friction theme. Along with MHF-1 Shotgun VPX have also given Synthesize, CarbonX and Power Shock the modernized make over. The brand’s website is still listing the older packaging so the new look may be something that’s crawling it’s way in.

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