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Alchemi prepare their 3 products for release, Black Market get looked over once again

Alchemi underground sports nutrition

Black Market Labs seem to have a number of brands getting in on the angle they are pioneering their underground range of supplements with. Previously we brought up the blatantly obvious King Kong pre-workout infraction, and now we have Alchemi. While their interference isn’t as obvious or as intentional as SuperPharm’s energizing formula. The relatively new brand are making the rounds promoting themselves with the subtitle ‘Black Market Sports Nutrition‘. In a couple of recent advertisements Alchemi are using the descriptive phrase ‘Underground Sports Nutrition‘. Which does point to the fact that may never have intended to get in on Black Market’s bad side, or possibly don’t even know of the company. Despite the unknown brand’s mix up they haven’t actually officially launched their range yet anyway. They have announced 3 products, however with an incomplete website the only details available on the supplements are their names and categories. You can check out Alchemi’s unfinished website here, but you are likely to get more information from their Facebook page.

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