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Super Advanced Whey Protein remade, Body Fortress knock their protein count up to 60g

Super Advanced Whey is one of Body Fortress’s 3 protein supplements. The formula is actually a relatively good buy with it’s 2lb tub available for the low price of $18. Recently the brand have made a few changes to the product by mixing up it’s main doses. The new supplement packs 30g of protein per scoop as opposed to the previous version’s 26g. Unfortunately it has dropped it’s serving count down from 25 to 21, and even with the raised protein amount overall the new tub still ends up with 40g less protein than the original. Despite the muscle building increase Body Fortress have managed to keep the carb and sugar counts at 7g and 2g, and only add to the fat amount by 0.5g. All the extras including glutamine, BCAAs, and crystalline taurine still seem to be a part of Advanced Whey, as well as the 5 flavor menu. Fans can start looking out for the new formula as it should be available at stockists soon.

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