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Gourmet soft baked protein bar, Pure Protein expand on their ever growing range

Pure Protein Soft Baked Protein Bar

The general market targeting brand Pure Protein have come a long way since their initial release of protein bars, drinks, and powders. Their range now stands with four different protein powders, each with their very own individual gimmick. Three premixed RTDs, separated by their various doses of protein, and two types of protein bars, the original 78 and 50g variants and Protein Revolution. The latest innovation from the brand sees another item entering into the bar variety called Pure Protein Soft Baked Protein Bars. They are a 45g snack containing 17g of protein, 14g of carbs with 5g sugar, 8g of fat, and a total of 190 calories. While the regular bars have a menu of nine. Pure Protein have only put up a selection of two for their latest product, double chocolate vanilla crunch and double chocolate peanut butter crunch. Retailers should be showing up with the new supplement soon carrying a price tag only a little bit higher than the original 50g snacks.

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