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Science based Ritual pre-order exclusive, ANS Performance go $10 but offer free shipping

ANS Performance Ritual pre-sales

As promised ANS Performance have delivered on the launch of their Ritual pre-sales. In case you missed the announcement on Facebook or the advertisement release through the Stack3d website. The brand have uploaded both flavors of the science based pre-workout, icy blue freeze and candy green apple, for the relatively good price of $39.99. Bare in mind it will be hitting retailers for around the $30 mark, but to seduce those fans eagerly awaiting Ritual. ANS are offering free shipping if the product is pre-ordered through the official website, and your address is within the continental US. Even though an extra $10 may seem like a lot. It is pretty much the same as Gaspari’s additional Superdrive markup, and like we said on that occasion. It is the price you pay if you want to be one of the first to try the supplement.

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