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Winter Collection delayed for better quality, Six Pack Bag’s customer apology

Six Pack Fitness delay their Winter Collection

Six Pack Fitness confirmed the arrival month of April for all the products they had available for pre-order from the new Winter Collection. For those of you who did put your name down, and are a little anxious considering April is closing fast. You will be both happy and upset to here that there is a delay for the four items, the Executive, Voyager, and the two Innovator variants, 300 & 500. The CEO has posted a message about the extra time needed for production, and is putting it down to their desire to create a better bag. Apparently their manufacturing team discovered a way to give the products more durability and functionality. Which in turn has extended the launch time. If you would like to read the entire message/apology from Gera Rivkin, you can check it out at Six Pack Fitness’s blog.

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