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Buy a Brittney Palmer pack and get a free variety box, Gamma Labs want you to mix up blue ice and pink lemonade

Gamma Labs G Fuel Brittney Palmer combo

Last week Gamma Labs launched their new website dedicated to their multi-sport pre-workout G Fuel. The release of the site not only introduced a home for all the fans of the supplement, but a place to get a hold of the product’s hot new pink lemonade. To further promote the release of the flavor, Gamma have teamed the variant up with their blue ice G Fuel for a combo pack. The mixture of the two tastes was inspired by the traditional Arnold Palmer beverage. Hence why Gamma Labs have titled their duo after their similarly named athlete Brittney Palmer. If you are happy to use the two flavors blue ice and pink lemonade, either together or separately, the brand have launched a promotion to make it worth your while. Purchase either, two stick boxes for $51.98, two tubs for $71.98, or a tub and a stick box for $61.98, and you will receive a full 20 stick variety box free.

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