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Delicious Protein is in fact delicious, Giant Sports will have no trouble finding success

Review of Giant Sports and their Delicious Protein

Giant Sports, the holders of two supplements currently making their way around the market. Have already built quite the reputation for themselves with the global distribution of their protein powder, Delicious Protein, and it’s incredible value. The product comes in both 2 and 5lb tubs with the larger one holding 63 servings, each with a relatively high 27g of protein. The low carb count sits at 4g, the fat at 2g, and the calories at 137 per 36g scoop. Delicious’s menu did start out with the three basics chocolate, vanilla, and cookies. Which now stands at five with chocolate peanut butter and banana as the recent additions.

When it comes to protein, it is quite hard to separate one from the group. Isolates and caseins aside, for protein blend formulas it usually comes down to the types of protein, price per serving, and how good it tastes. In regards to Delicious Protein, it’s contents easily gets the go ahead with six protein forms, whey concentrate, milk and whey isolate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, and whey hydrolysate. As for the cost of Giant’s protein, for a rarely seen 5lb tub you will be looking at around $50. A price that these days is extremely competitive.

The last box for Delicious to tick is taste, and even though it was confidently put in it’s title. The supplement is indeed quite delicious. We can not put down a score for the new banana or chocolate peanut, but as for the original three, you will not be disappointed. Delicious Protein delivers the perfect mix of both sweet and smooth, with a thickness that makes the whole product seem like a treat.

Thanks to the all round quality of the formula, Giant Sports should have no trouble continuing, if not furthering the reputation of the protein powder. With a price point that takes competitors like Cor-Whey and Gold Standard to school, and flavoring confirmed as honest as it’s name. Delicious definitely deserves a try, and quite possibly the protein position in your current stack.

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