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Giant Bites creatine-based gummies triples its menu just weeks after launch

Giant Watermelon Orange Mango Giant Bites

It wasn’t that long ago, actually only a few weeks, that Giant released a creatine supplement but in the enjoyable and edible format of soft and sweet gummy candies. The brand calls the product Giant Bites, and it has 1.25g of the ever-reliable creatine monohydrate in every piece to support muscle strength, power, and performance, and you can scale that. If you want the usual 5g dose of creatine, you can simply throw down four gummies, and originally there was just one flavor available in a classic Strawberry.

Giant is back adding to its Giant Bites creatine-based gummy supplement this week, tripling the number of tastes fans have to choose from, taking it from one to three. Joining the first-ever option for the edible product in Strawberry are two more traditional fruity experiences in Watermelon and Orange Mango. You can get either or both directly from the brand’s online store at at a currently discounted $24.50 for a pot of 90 gummies, which is 22 servings if you eat four at a time for a 5g dose of creatine.

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