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Lean Body goes for Gold with PB & J, Labrada add another flavor to their 2 month old product

Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Gold peanut butter and jelly

So far Labrada Nutrition have done considerably well this year with supplement releases. Fans of the brand have been treated to a reformulated version of the pre-workout Super Charge!, now titled Super Charge! 4.0, and a new protein bar named Lean Body Gold. Despite only being revealed and launched almost two months ago, Labrada have added to the menu of the cookie dough bar Lean Body Gold. Originally the product was released in a total of two gourmet flavors, caramel peanut and s’mores delight. The latest announcement from the company sees another delicious sounding flavor introduced with peanut butter & jelly. Just like the other Lean Body Gold options when they were first launched, the PB & J variant is in stock and available through Labrada’s official website now.

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