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Banana raisin High Protein Spread, P28 Foods add to their six month old product

P28 High Protein Spreads new banana raisin

Last year P28 Foods released two products one after another. First up were the High Protein Wraps, which were then followed by the brand’s unique High Protein Spreads. The spreads were launched with four different flavors, almond butter, signature blend, white chocolate, and the slightly cheaper peanut butter. Now six months after their launch, P28 have decided to return to their most recently released line of products, and push their menu from four up to five. Fans of the brand’s High Protein Spreads will soon have access to the new banana raisin option. Most of P28’s stockists are still listing the product with it’s original four flavors. However banana raisin should be showing up any day now. Especially since it is already online and available to order for $11.74, through the brand’s official website.

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