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Website no longer under construction, Muscleology’s movement done and dusted

Muscleology movement complete with website up and running

Muscleology’s movement can pretty much be confirmed as done and dusted. The company’s rebranding, reformulating, and release of a number of new products, has been ended with the completion of the Muscleology website. Earlier in the week the brand reassured fans that the last formula Myofiber was going to be brought into the recolored lineup. They followed that up with a complete range photograph showing off all of the black and bronze supplements, including the thought to be single Carnitine Complete. Which will in fact be available in both a raspberry lemonade powder, and a grape flavored premixed liquid. The final update of the Muscleology movement can be seen on the brand’s official website. As the drop down ‘under construction’ message has been removed, and the direct store is back open for business.

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