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Monster Series looking at an intra-workout, Cytosport could lose their edge with Intrapower

Cytosport Monster Series Monster Intrapower

Cytosport are looking to follow up on their recent Monster releases, with a supplement that may push the athlete’s series a bit too far. Currently the sub brand covers most areas with Monster Mass, Monster Milk, Monster Protein, the pre-workout Monster Pump, the vitamin pack Monster Multi, and the impressive Monster Amino. The area Cytosport are possibly looking to take Monster into is the controversial intra-workout category. This news spawns from the brand’s interest in the product title Monster Intrapower. Clearly a intra-workout name that definitely creates some confusion, as fans have already been instructed to use the cocktail Monster Amino for that supplement window. Whether or not the unconfirmed title results in a formula, Cytosport seem to be taking the high end Monster Series into more of a mainstream direction.

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