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Complex creatine formula Creafusion released, HIT Supplements give back to their fans

HIT Supplements new creatine complex Creafusion

The last time we saw HIT Supplements they were launching their new website and pushing their products through After all the action from earlier in the year, the brand have finally managed to sit down and add to their relatively compact line up.

Currently HIT are keeping it simple with an isolate protein, two weight loss supplements, and a men’s and women’s, pre-workout and multi-vitamin.

The latest addition to the family is something that will fit right in and maintain the brand’s straightforward appearance. Creafusion is HIT’s gift to the creatine category and the brand’s 8th product overall. The formula is made up of four types of creatine, MagnaPower, monohydrate, HCL, and di-creatine malate. Available in an unflavored 300g tub, HIT are looking to be very competitive with their 60 serving tub carrying a retail value of around $20.

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