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Coconut water + whey protein isolate, introducing Isopure’s latest innovation Cocotein

Nature's Best premixed cocotein protein drink

The last time we saw Nature’s Best they were adding to the menu of their premixed Isopure with coconut, and introducing black and green tea to their powdered version of Isopure. The most recent action from the brand sees them going to the premixed category once again with protein infused coconut water. The supplement is exactly as it’s title describes, a combination of coconut water and 20g of 100% pure whey isolate. It also features 5g sugar, 85mg of sodium, and zero fat. At a little under $3, the innovative coconut product won’t cost you as much as the other premixed Isopure drinks. However keep in mind the 16 Fl. oz bottles do have half the amount of protein, taking a bit away from it’s muscle building value.

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