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Lower sugar protein snack gets a lower size, Promax bite size bars at a Target near you

Promax Nutrition's new 43g sample size Lower Sugar protein bars

Promax Nutrition were originally the makers of a lone protein bar which has over the last year been joined by a number of new products. As well as their signature supplement the brand now produce Crunch, Lower Sugar, Fit ‘N Crisp, and Pro Series bars. Unlike Promax’s recent releases, their latest innovation is not new supplement, but a variation of a current one. The Lower Sugar version of the brand’s flagship protein snack is now available for purchase in a significantly smaller size. Usually the LS abbreviated bar weighs in at 67g with a highlighted 18g of protein. The new sample option comes in at 43g, with not an overly big change to it’s muscle building count with 12g of protein. Unfortunately if you were looking forward to snacking on the bite size bits, they do appear to be a Target exclusive, not something you will find at Promax Nutrition’s usual list of retailers.

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