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IFBB Pro Fred Smalls representing Con-Cret, Promera add another member to their team

Promera SPorts sign on IFBB Pro Fred Smalls

In today’s competitive market, most major supplements companies lure in their customers with seductive advertising. Some choose to do it with women and fitness models, but above all professional bodybuilders. Of course the placement and pose of a well known IFBB Pro does help connect the dots. Suggesting that if you use whatever product is in the image set before you, you can look just like the bodybuilder beside it. The latest brand to join the list of companies supporting IFBB competitors, is Promera Sports. The Con-Cret innovators have finally decided to settle down with a professional bodybuilder, going with this year’s Arnold Classic 7th place getter Fred Smalls. The 38 year old athlete has taken his place on the brand’s roster, and should start appearing on everything Promera related very soon.

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