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Patented pain relieving Alpha-GEE returns in Con-Cret’s Muscle Recovery hybrid

Con Cret Muscle Recovery

Another one of Con-Cret’s hybrid supplements has hit the market in Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery, which combines the brand’s signature Con-Cret creatine HCl with a couple of additional ingredients for pain relief and recovery. Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery has arrived on the heels of Con-Cret + Test, bringing together creatine HCl and Testofen fenugreek to help naturally boost testosterone.

Every three capsule serving of Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery features 750mg of creatine HCl, just like a serving of the brand’s capsule version of the self-titled Con-Cret. To reinforce its name, Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery combines creatine HCl with another source of creatine in 100mg of creatine ethyl ester and a premium ingredient fans of the brand may remember seeing in another product a few years ago.

Con Cret Muscle Recovery Label

Back in 2018, Con-Cret introduced Alpha Recovery Plus, a recovery and inflammation-supporting supplement featuring Alpha-GEE branded ethyl-alpha-guanido-methyl ethanoate. Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery sees the return of Alpha-GEE, as it is in product alongside the creatine HCl and creatine ethyl ester, promising the same sort of benefits of relief from activity-induced pain and inflammation.

We actually got the chance to try Alpha Recovery Plus back in the day, and while we didn’t find its regular dose all that noticeable, the advanced double serving got the job done. At that amount, the supplement’s 2.4g of Alpha-GEE had an obvious effect on muscle soreness and overall recovery, leading to better performance in the gym.

While Con-Cret + Test launched through the brand’s online store at, that is not where you will find the Alpha-GEE infused Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery. Con-Cret has debuted this one through the online giant Amazon, which has the strength and recovery supplement at a reasonable $29.99. That is the same price as Con-Cret capsules, although Muscle Recovery only has 30 servings.