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Voyager 500 Backpack updated to in stock, Six Pack Fitness finally shipping pre-orders

Six Pack Fitness shipping pre-orders of their Winter Collection

Six Pack Fitness initially launched pre-ordering for all of their new products back around the Arnold Classic in late February, early March. Unfortunately due to the production decisions made by the brand almost two months later in April. Fans who pre-ordered their precious Winter Collection bag were told their shipment would be delayed. As with all types of issues, Six Pack could not set any sort of date as to when disgruntled customers would be receiving their product. Today however news has emerged that the innovative company have in fact begun distributing their long list of pre-orders. The wait may have been painful going from two months to four months. But the it is now over, and Six Pack are shipping customers their Voyager, Innovator, and Executive bags. To make it even more exciting, the brand’s website has taken the pre-order stamp off the most expensive item from the Winter Collection, the Voyager 500. Listing it as in stock and ready to ship, and showing signs that the rest may not be far behind.

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