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Mr. Hyde drops more than yohimbe for Muscle & Strength, Pro Supps producing an alternate version of their pre-workout

Yohimbe free version of Pro Supps Mr. Hyde

To help grow a fan base, branching out across the world to other continents and countries is a must. Unfortunately not every area is as lenient as the US, something that Pro Supps have both discovered and remedied. Whether or not this is a part of their entrance in the Australian market, of which we saw at this year’s Filex a few months back. The brand have released a yohimbe free, or international version of their pre-workout product Mr. Hyde. The ingredients that have been dropped for whatever reason are hordenine, yohimbe bark, and rauwolfia. The features taking their empty spots are citrus aurantium, octopamine, dendrobium nobile, as well as a 150mg increase of n-methyl l-tyarmine HCL. While this yohimbeless version may take some time before it ends up in it’s desired location. For those fans interested in trying a different kind of Mr. Hyde, Muscle & Strength are stocking the internationally friendly formula for the same price as the regular one at $31.93.

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