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New Muscle Milk variant on it’s way to stores, Cytosport looking to upgrade with Pro Series 50

Cytosport Muscle Milk Pro Series 50

In the next few weeks Cytosport fans may start seeing a fresh new supplement called Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 hitting their local stockist. The product is labeled as a lean muscle mega protein powder. However if you give the facts panel a quick glance, you’re basically looking at your average protein formula. Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 gets it’s name from it’s two scoop dose of protein at 50g. Obviously on a single scoop it is the average 25g of protein which is joined by 8g of carbohydrates (2g sugar 1g fiber), 3g of fat (2g saturated), with a total of 150 calories.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should switch from the regular Muscle Milk to the Pro Series 50, there are some major and minor differences. The new protein packs the same calorie count, half the amount of fat, 9g more protein, and the same list of protein forms except for one addition, whey protein isolate. Unfortunately if you are a fan there is one more thing you need to take into consideration, and that is the fact that the new Pro Series 50 has so far only surfaced in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. A far cry from the 2.47lber’s 20 plus options, and a major factor for Muscle Milk fans.

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