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Supplement samples packs starting at $7.99, iForce make an effort to bring onboard new fans

iForce Nutrition compete, maximize, dexaprine and hemavol samples

We recently saw Formutech Nutrition, MAN Sports, and Mutant upload a number of sample options to help welcome future fans. Regardless of whether or not they are free, which in the case of MAN Sports they are. The ability to try before you buy is something not many supplement companies offer. The latest brand to open up a sampling service is iForce Nutrition. Their new dedicated page lists a number of combos with four different 10 sachet packs of Dexaprine, Hemavol, Compete, and Maximize Intense. Each set costs $9.99, except for the Dexaprine 10 piece which is available for $7.99. If the prices are a bit too much, iForce have also got a $10 starter pack that features a combination of both Dexaprine and Hemavol. To order head on over to the brand’s official store and check out their sample section.

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