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iForce confirms betaine, citrulline, and 14g of BCAAs for SwoleMate


Following its partial preview from earlier in the week, iForce Nutrition has released a full preview of its upcoming intra-workout supplement SwoleMate. While it still doesn’t give us a look at the label of the product, the complete looks confirms a number of other ingredients and doses.

Previously all we knew that would be in iForce’s upcoming SwoleMate is beta-alanine dosed at a clinical 3.2g. We now know there are going to be at least three other features alongside that with 2g of pure citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, and a massive 14g of BCAAs.

The combination should help in many areas including better muscle pumps, improved endurance and performance, as well as all of the muscle building and recovery benefits from BCAAs.

It is also worth mentioning that the massive doses promoted for SwoleMate are noted to be coming from two servings. Basically, that’ll mean if it has 30 servings per tub it’ll get you through a total of 15 workouts if you want the doses promoted on the front of the supplement.

iForce is still only saying SwoleMate is launching sometime soon, although as per usual stay tuned here at Stack3d for news and updates.

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