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Pro-NOS and NO2 Ripcuts round it out, MRI Performance get it done in a little over a year

MRI 2012 rebranding completed with Pro-NOS and Ripcuts

After MRI Performance’s January release of NO2 Black Full Cycle, which was then followed up by the EO2 Edge & VMAX stack, then the product previewed last year, Micellar Casein Z6. The brand have continued on their long journey of getting each and everyone of their mainstream supplements rethemed. MRI announced last year in July that they were planning a big rebranding after they remodeled their website. At first only a few products made the transformation, leaving a large amount of formulas looking inconsistent. Now almost a year later the remaining supplements have finally taken on the stylish black theme with the latest two being NO2 Ripcuts and the protein powder Pro-NOS. The duo have officially rounded out the makeover putting all of MRI’s complex products into the right labels, and giving the Red Series and the EO2 combo a more definitive separation.

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