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Turbo time describes itself in two words, review of Pure Labs pre-workout supplement

Pure Labs Turbo review

Almost every week a new pre-workout supplement hits the market. A lot of them are just replicas of already successful products, or formulas praying on the weak with rip off ingredients that have no intention of delivering a memorable experience. In the case Pure Lab’s and Turbo, we were approached by them in the same way every other company approaches us. The reason we took the time to look at what they had sent us was because of their label transparency. After seeing the doses and unique mix of ingredients, Turbo was definitely something worth giving a go. We proceeded to use a tub of the pre-workout over the past two weeks, resulting in today’s review of the experience best described as Turbo time.

Despite some of the doses being rather high, we put Pure Lab’s supplement to the test and quickly came up with the conclusion that it is one helluva a ride. After the first few days and well spread sampling of the product, it was very clear that Turbo was no joke, and the only question we had left to answer was where in our top 10 was the pre-workout going to go. To put a handful of words to the supplement we’re going to go with, hard-hitting, balls to the wall, non-stop, high intensity, and just plain insane.

Turbo mixes up the most powerful combination of energy and intensity that we have ever experienced. There is no tingling sensation or build up to the ignition of the product. Once you throw it back, give it the regular 10 or so minutes, and the power of the pre-workout comes on like a storm. The mind immediately switches to tunnel vision mode, putting you in the mental state you need to be when wanting to train at 110%. As for the energy and intensity, as soon as you take on your first exercise, you will find it difficult to stop. The supplement is so strong that the biggest frustration is not the gym’s closing time, but that your muscles give out long before you run out of energy. Whether it be your grip giving way or your legs coming out from underneath you. Turbo doesn’t provide you with enough to push you to the limit. It provides you with enough to hit your maximum and be upset feeling like you could have done more.

With most successful pre-workouts there are always going to be some downsides. As for Pure Lab’s formula there are a couple of upsets. Firstly the product does taste quite bad, however as we have said before, we would trade the worst flavor in the world for something that gets the job done. Secondly, Turbo does have the curse of running out at around the 45 minute mark. After about half an hour if you decide to stop and talk, or just lower your intensity a bit, you will find the supplement dies out on you. The last con to the many pros of the pre-workout is it’s variable performance. Much like a lot of other dendrobium based formulas, be it energizer or fat burner, Turbo won’t work for everyone. That being said at our end we had only 10% of the testers fail to get the full experience.

All up the product is one of the best. Of the downsides none of them are really that bad. Flavoring is not a problem, as well as workout length for those who train around the 45 minute anyway. In regards to the variation of experience, even those who did not get the full effect of Turbo at least felt something. We can go on and on about how intense Pure Lab’s pre-workout is, but as per usual using the supplement would be the best way to communicate it’s performance. Fortunately for Stack3d readers the brand have been kind enough to give us a total of 10 full size tubs to giveaway. So keep an eye out over the next few days to get a hold of the hard hitting Turbo.

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