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Pure Labs launches Hexanite to replace its DMHA pre-workout Turbo


Last year we saw the UK company Pure Labs relaunch its long running pre-workout supplement Turbo with an all-new, DMHA powered formula. Almost one year on from that the brand is back with a product to replace Turbo called Hexanite, which also features a slightly different formula.

What is it

Pure Labs appears is still promoting its Turbo replacement Hexanite, as a very intense pre-workout experience. As mentioned it does feature a slightly different formula from Turbo that most notably doesn’t include the mighty stimulant DMHA. The removal of DMHA is actually something we’ve seen from a lot of brands lately, so it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

The all-new Pure Labs pre-workout packs a variety of ingredients, two more than Turbo with a total of nine. They’ve all been added to Hexanite to deliver a combination of increased energy, enhanced muscle pumps, and improved performance. You will also almost definitely feel the energy in this one as the caffeine has been dosed pretty high at 400mg.



Other ingredients in Pure Labs Hexanite include 3g each of citrulline malate and beta-alanine, a gram of arginine, 125mg of methyltyramine, 50mg of sacred lotus, and 5mg each of olive leaf and BioPerine. The product does also have creatine monohydrate, although you may not want to rely on it as your sole creatine source as it has only 885mg per serving, far from the usual 5g.

Available now

You can already purchase the new Pure Labs pre-workout directly through its online store for £27.99 ($39.36 USD). That is for a full 30 serving tub, which will last you 30 workouts when using its maximum serving, with just the one flavor available to choose from at the moment in Berry Blast.